Lady of Glencoe

Lady-like Snort!

I Actually/truely/really – under the law (?) – have permission to change my passport/driving license/etc/etc status from peasant to Lady. Why?

Because I OWN 3 square inches of Scotland. And have a tree planted therein!

Go figure.

Anyhoo – back to today.

Just got a volley from eldest son.

                                           At 6ft 6 and still growing…even at his age. Note to Self: Stop cooking him Real Food!

About not asking for help from my new website host.

Shouty vibe. From me.

I did. I have. For 2 weeks now. Email. Live chat. Videos. Forums. Help. Support.

And what did I get from said child?

Mum, you are so silly. You should’ve come to me for help.

Sackcloth and Ashes and Tar and Feathers for tea tonight :o(

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