WHAT Did Canada Do to Deserve This?

As a Brit. I feel the overwhelming need to apologise to Canada.

Y’all did Nothing to deserve these two :o(

MeMeMe I digress Moment. I knew a beautiful Canadian girl. We’d talk every day in the playground waiting in all winds and weather to pick up our young kids from school. She was so happy about being pregnant again.

Life went on. Weeks passed by. I didn’t see her anymore. So – curious – I asked one of the other Mums if she and her husband had been posted home. OMG. The reaction!

Being a natural-born outsider who keeps to herself – I Had No Idea.

My lovely playground friend had DIED giving birth to her latest child. In England. On the NHS :o(

I still remember her fondly.

Oh. Back to BBC/ABC/CNN/XYZ/FFS etc News.

P.S. Sorry Canada.

P.P.S. CoughEpSplutterSteinCoverScandalUpsies?

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