aka – Story Time with me.

Deep Breath.

My Dad and I had a really…looking for the right word…Unusual (?) relationship.

We rarely talked. Rarely touched. Rarely acknowledged each other in company. He was Him. I was Me.

But we had this Unbreakable Connection that drove me to the morgue to say goodbye to my father.

True Story.

I was 20 years old and Dad took me to the local pub for a drink. Suddenly a man I’d never seen before came up to Dad. Shook his hand in the friendliest manner and called him by a name. Can’t remember. But not my Dad’s name.

Said stranger then went gushing on. Asking about the family who lived in XYZ town. How they all were etc. Dad replied without blinking.

Then stranger looked at me. I was introduced as a “friend of the family.” Nudge Nudge. Wink Wink. Vibe. Nice one, mate. Fnah.Fnah.

Stranger left.

I’d not said a single word.

I still didn’t.

Dad and I just looked at each other.

We never, ever discussed this. But we Both KNEW!


P.S. Unfortunately – being a man of his generation – my father was forced to drown his Highland gifts under gallons of usquebaugh. Even though he is still on record, to this day, as making the fastest arrest ever recorded by a common and garden constable in our county police force. Less than 30 minutes from crime, to report, to jail cell and charge!

P.P.S. A man who knew me as a kid, whom Dad trained, and who is in my life right now, called my father “the best wing man a young police person could Ever have had.”

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