Deryn Lake

Formerly known as Dinah Lampitt

I’ve read ALL her books. Under both names.

She was a Friend of mine on FB.

We connected.

The King’s Women was prob my fave but Sutton Place caught me a million years ago. Something to do with John Paul Getty and Henry VIII (?)

Anyhoo. I’d said something to her about how I organise my books. She “accused” me of being a Virgo.

I’m Virgo rising. Sag sun. So I got feisty (!) How dare She?

She- Dinah/Deryn- took days to cast my horoscope and made it public on FB.

Yes. I can be a bit controlling and anally retentive. Sigh.

A place for everything and everything in its place vibe. And if you dare to move my shit…beware!

Love her to bits & pieces.

Her Nick Lawrence books are crazy but good. Dead on Cue was a fave :o)

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