Columbus, Cathar, Templar, Genoa and More.

All in one single paragraph.

From AMP :

On the other hand, it does make sense that Columbus represents the Genoese and/or Catalan authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon (which until now has been the main maritime authority of the military arm, as evidenced by the paintings of the discovery and world maps), after the attack of the king of France towards this Order in the frank and Occitan lands in 1677 real (1307 official), coinciding with the weakening of the Ark of Solomon’s alliance. In this sense, the foundation of the Templar powers in the kingdoms of Valencia and Portugal, with the names of the Order of Saint Mary of Montesa and of Christ, respectively, in the official year 1314, which is the real 1684, becomes particularly important. These orders have been created alongside the Treaty of Tordesillas, and it have been empowered by the Pope to complete the mission of the defeated Solomon Temple, on behalf of Mary and Christ, under the new St. George Cross. That is to say, at the beginning of the reconstruction of history, the integral mutation of the Order of the Temple of Solomon under the authority of the pope of Rome is conceived, defying the boldness of the king of France.

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