Capitulations of Santa Fe

Wiki : Capitulations of Santa Fe


From Andreu Marfull Pujadas’ article (linked earlier) :


In addition, the surprising concessions to the admiral Columbus of the Capitulations of Santa Fe, sealed in Barcelona before consuming the “discovery”, are not congruent. These capitulations make no sense, neither the distribution of the world between the Hispanic kings of Spain and Portugal, in the way that has been transmitted to us. It does not make sense to delegate to the lineage of a supposed discoverer the rank of Viceroy of Asia (life charge for him and his successors) nor that he was sent there with only three vessels to take possession of the land, in front the magnificent authority of the Great Khan; nor that the right of the tithes that until then belongs to the church are given to him; nor that he be made the chief judge of all matters that settle there.

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