The Fault in Lincoln Cathedral

One hundred million years ago, give or take an exaggeration or many (!) I spent several Saturdays on my own in Lincoln Cathedral — doing research for my history exam.

From Lincolnshire Pride :

3. Construction of the Cathedral is a bit iffy in places! Sacrilege, surely? The Cathedral is beautiful! Well yes, but there’s still some questionable construction in places. In particular, stand in the nave and look back at the West Front. When the current nave was created under St Hugh from 1190-1250, the masons worked back from the east in a westerly direction. When the nave’s ceiling reached the West Front, the ceiling didn’t line up. It’s about a metre out and visibly wonky!

Either someone miscalculated or the money ran out before they could replace the Norman West Front with a gothic version so they had to ‘botch’ the join! Also the lancets to the north and south sides of the West Front are visibly uneven. So are the lancets below the Bishop’s Eye window. South-facing walls of the nave aisle have five arched lancets between pillars. The north side has four and a half lancets dissected by pillars.

I still love the building.

If I ever take y’all there, I can show you exactly where to find the cunning “hidden” Lincoln Imp :o)


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