John Keats

I’ve been reading Keat’s poem, Endymion.

I’d started looking into Perseus but came across this and went off the rails, as per!


Endymion, iv

…“Over wide streams and mountains great we went,
And, save when Bacchus kept his ivy tent,
Onward the tiger and the leopard pants,
                    With Asian elephants:
Onward these myriads—-with song and dance,
With zebras striped, and sleek Arabians’ prance,
Web-footed alligators, crocodiles,
Bearing upon their scaly backs, in files,
Plump infant laughers mimicking the coil
Of seamen, and stout galley-rowers’ toil:
With toying oars and silken sails they glide,
                    Nor care for wind and tide.

“Mounted on panthers’ furs and lions’ manes,
From rear to van they scour about the plains;
A three days’ journey in a moment done:
And always, at the rising of the sun,
About the wilds they hunt with spear and horn,
                    On spleenful unicorn.

“I saw Osirian Egypt kneel adown
                    Before the vine-wreath crown!
I saw parch’d Abyssinia rouse and sing
                    To the silver cymbals’ ring!
I saw the whelming vintage hotly pierce
                    Old Tartary the fierce!
The kings of Inde their jewel-sceptres vail,
And from their treasures scatter pearled hail;
Great Brahma from his mystic heaven groans,
                    And all his priesthood moans;
Before young Bacchus’ eye-wink turning pale.—-
Into these regions came I following him,
Sick hearted, weary—-so I took a whim
To stray away into these forests drear…

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