Danse Macabre

As I don’t “do” Halloween, I thought I’d save this for Remember, Remember, the 5th of November.

Being a Brit, I love a good bonfire and fireworks so I’m going to Blow Up some barfing BS today.


And, yes, I’ve got this one too!

Francois Villon (1431-?1465) is one of the great enigmas of French medieval history: a lyric poet of beauty and depth, he was also a murderer, pimp, thief and denizen of the underworld of 15th-century Paris. This study places Villon in the context of medieval France from the death of Joan of Arc, describing the appalling condition of the country during the Hundred Years War, the time when Gilles de Rais – the original Bluebeard – was practicing his diabolical craft of child abuse and alchemy. Born into a peasant family, Villon was adopted by Canon Guillaume Villon and sent to university. The book describes a riotous and debauched student life in medieval Paris and Villon’s first steps on a life of crime when he was publicly flogged for writing a scurrilous ballade and later involved in a scuffle which ended with his killing a priest. The rest of his short life was a round of arrests, imprisonment and torture, which is contrasted with his time at the court of Charles, Duc d’Orleans at Blois, one of the most magnificent French chateaux and one of the most civilized and artistic courts in Europe. He was finally implicated in a killing of which he was probably innocent, repreived by Louis XI in a general amnesty designed to restore Paris’ dwindling population but disappeared in the winter of 1463, never to be seen again.



Wiki : François Villon

Poor I am, and from my youth,
Born of a poor and humble stock.
My father never had much wealth
Nor yet his grandfather, Orace.
Poverty tracks us, every one.
Upon the tombs of my ancestors,
The souls of whom may God embrace!
Sceptres and crowns aren’t to be seen.




Between August 1424 and Lent 1425, during the Anglo-Burgundian alliance when John Duke of Bedford ruled Paris as Regent after the deaths of Henry V of England and Charles VI of France, a mural of the Danse Macabre was painted on the back wall of the arcade below the charnel house on the south side of the cemetery. It was one of the earliest and best-known depictions of this theme. It was destroyed in 1669 when this wall was demolished to allow the narrow road behind it to be widened.




Great TV series. JC solves mysteries. But his day job is devising “magic” tricks for a flamboyant American stage magician.





Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.



The complete opening and ending theme tunes to the TV show Jonathan Creek, edited together by me. The theme tune is based off a piece of music called Dance Macabre, originally composed by Camille Saint-Saëns.

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