The Stopped Sun

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Both in the Bible and in the history of Charles the Great there plays out a familiar theme of the stopped sun. An idea to place the centre of the world in the sun, in other words to bring to THE SUN TO A STOP appeared in the XVI-XVII cc. when the Books of the Bible were being written and edited [6]. The famous words in the Book of Joshua ben Nun about the SUN that STOOD IN THE SKY 10:12-14, in a poetic way reflect that deep impression made on people when the heliocentric model was first revealed. Quite unexpectedly it turned out that IT IS POSSIBLE TO STOP THE SUN. Contrary to all evidence! As the sun is continuously moving across the skies and ‘never stops’.

The editor of the bible of the XVII century attributed to bringing the sun to a standstill to Joshua Ben Nun [6v1], ch.5. I.e. to the conqueror of the epoch of the Ottoman conquest of the ‘Promised Land’. But it was in the XVI century when there originated the idea of the heliocentric model finally and conclusively formulated by Tycho Brahe (Hipparchus) and Nicolaus Copernicus [3v1].

Thus, the discovery by Brahe and Copernicus revolutionized people’s minds. The scientists ‘made the Sun stand still’, i.e. placed it in the centre of the universe and made all the planets, including the Earth, revolve round it. Prior to that Ptolemy’s system was predominate, where the stars revolve round the Earth [3v1], ch.11:7.6.

In the ‘most ancient’ Bible the Sun was brought to a standstill allegedly during a battle, which was Joshua Ben Nun’s revenge for a prior defeat.

In the well-known Mediaeval epic poem ‘The Song of Roland’ the Sun was brought to standstill during the battle which was Charles the Great’s (the Great King) revenge for the defeat of his rear guard.



…shows an unusual symbol which can be seen in ‘The Triumphal Arch of Maximilian I’ by Durer [PE]. The oblique Andreevsky cross surrounded by the four symbols of the stopped sun. The sun while moving across the skies stumbles against the czar’s crown and comes to a standstill. We see that the discovery of the heliocentric model was depicted on the coat of arms of the Horde Empire. On ‘The Triumphal Arc’ there is also the image of the stopped sun, boxed in between the two czar’s royal crowns. Such images are also present in both ‘The Triumphal Procession’, pic.66, and in a A.Durer’s gravure ‘Large Triumphal Carriage’



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