On Paper – Three out of the Four.

  1.  Urmmmm! Not enough info yet and a subject I’m not ready to get into.
  2.  Henry VIII/Henry Tudor

Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived.

The Six Wives!

But for now, the most important are the first two. Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. Katherine the good, loyal wife. Anne, the enchantress.

Everything hangs on Henry’s actions towards these two and how he went about it.

Enter the church, the Pope, excommunication and the Protestant “Reformation.”

Katherine was a Spanish Catholic. Anne was an English/French Protestant.



3. Gilles de Rais




The infamous Bluebeard with his seven wives. Or so ‘they’ say.

Wikiblah’s Gilles de Rais page.

I know Gilles de Rais through Jehanne d’Arc. (Love it when stuff comes together LOL)

He was her most steadfast General, supporter. comrade-in-arms and friend. And he was also – allegedly – from the House of Montmorency. (Love it when….etc!)

He went to pieces when she was executed and turned to The Dark Side. Eeeeek.

Seriously – the story/smear given to him is horrific. Yuk.


P.S. Henry VIII is the only known ruler to’ve been given the soubriquet – BLUEBEARD.

(See brackets above)


Number Four will be along shortly.




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