This has been bothering me ALL DAY.


In the image above it says…


Gate 13 Moscow – It only opens if the other 12 are healthy.

WTF??? Why Moscow?

Aha! Seek and thee shall find.

“NEW 12 + 13. Galactic Female & Galactic Male

In the future this will provide a prototype of the ideal female energy, for example, the Mother’s energy, or Father God’s energy. These chakras are not yet online and shall soon be restored after tampering to them back in Atlantean times. Back then humans were limited to what we see today through genetic experiments, thus losing their power.

These two chakras along with the Crown will form an antenae for “scalar waves” or higher dimensional energies that will ultimately give us back our full component of psychic powers we formerly used, giving us a full second sight.

Becoming Fully Conscious Humans

What all of this means is we once again become like other humans in space, our family, and once again regain our power. No other race will ever be able to trick us again or force us into a slave mentality, telling us about a false reality because we will be empowered to SEE fully, with psychic awareness. We will be a spiritual race.

This is not too far off. You do not need to be activating these chakras because the process is being done for us. You may feel all kinds of symptoms like “ascension symptoms” throughout your body, for example, itchy feet or the feeling of needles going into your feet or other areas. Feet that jump for no reason, or itchy scalp and the feeling of needles all over the scalp, and energy crawling up your spine. You can feel heat or pressure in your chakras or headaches and tension, etc. See 8 Ascension Symptoms.

We are slowly changing and expanding our DNA so that we are less carbon based and more crystalline in nature. And we are raising in dimensions as we Ascend, leaving behind polarity and becoming more aware of Oneness. The new children are being born with many changes already in place, meaning they have more advanced chakra systems. They are our spiritual children. So if you ever wonder why they seem to know so much, this here is your answer.”


Well. That answers it, methinks :o)

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