Back with the Mamelukes…

If you don’t know the emblem from the previous post …please read this post :o)

Greta Brookes

Please read the previous post first – Why were the Mamelukes annihilated in 1811?

Who were the Mamelukes? As the post before this stated – they were European Christians, not Egyptian/Arab/Turks.

Having double-checked my mad theory, I can now state with confidence that the Mameluke Dynasty that ruled Egypt for over 400 years were in fact…

Elite Military forces (Cossacks) sent to Egypt to guard the tombs, the burial homes and vast treasures of the Great/Tartarian Empire.

Several extant sources written in the 18th and 19th cc cast light on this fact.

A Russian naval lieutenant kept a diary of his 1772 trip to Jaffa and his meetings with the Mameluke Ali Bey:

“Wanting to give the reader a sense of Ali Bey’s face and age, I decided to present it here: he is mediocre in height, that is, neither very small nor very tall, about 45 years old. His…

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