OK. Note to Self…Finish Reading the Source. 1241 etc

And I quote…



In 1241, according to the Scaligerian version, the “Mongol”, that is, the great troops, invaded Western Europe [770], p.127. However, it is believed that, after defeating Hungary and Poland, they could not get to Germany, because they were defeated by the troops of the Czech king. At the same time, we are painting today a picture of the military confrontation between the “good” Western Europe and the “bad Mongols”. Who, having suffered a deserved defeat in the Czech Republic, were forced to withdraw from Western Europe back to the East. 

In our reconstruction, the history of this conquest looks significantly different. These were internecine wars, culminating in the establishment of a single imperial power, first in the vast territories of Eurasia and Africa. In particular, and on the lands of Germany and the Czech Republic. Nowhere “Tatar-Mongols” did not leave here. Therefore, it is very curious to see who nevertheless won in the very battle in the Czech Republic, which is considered the final of the “Mongolian” invasion of Western Europe. As we already know, the “Mongol” = troops were moving to the West under the leadership of Khan-Tsar = Khan Baty, Bati. He is Yaroslav, he is Ivan Kalita, that is, John Caliph or Caliph. See above.

he winner, as we see, is happily preserved. They, obviously, was YAROSLAV = BATY = JOHN CALITA, aka JOHN CALIFE = PRESBITTER JOHN. By the way, is not it because the Czechs and Germans “remember nothing” about their conquest by the “Mongols” = great, that their ancestors themselves were these same “Mongols”? And they went to the Russian-Horde troops from Russia to the West. In the book “The Empire” we will inform the facts, clearly saying that before the population of Germany largely consisted of Slavs.


I’ve left this to Googlate. I’m done today with translating their translation.

Y’all get the meaning.

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