1241 – The Tartars are coming…

The image above is of Klis Fortress, Croatia. Apparently it was here in 1242 that the “Mongol Invasion of Europe” met a humiliating defeat.


Wikiwhatnot has a great piece – Mongol Invasion of Europe.

You’ve got to love ’em :o)

So – in the 13th century the Mongols, led by non-other that Batu Khan, went on a blood-thirsty rampage all over Europe.

Well. Yes. They did. But it was the Tartar Empire, led by Batu Khan=Ivan Kalita=Yaroslav the Wise=Prester John=The Grand Khan of Tartary’s, first big expansion/settlement of the Empire. Two generations after the death of their King in Constantinople.


P.S, I think I may have mentioned this once or twice before :o)

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