Who was Marco Polo?

From NC…..The Colour of the Kingdom


What is actually described in the famous book by Marco Polo? The reader may say wearily: again – Ancient Russia. The answer is: not only Russia – indeed described by Marco Polo under the names of Tataria, India and China – but also some other countries in Europe and Asia. Just modern India and China are NOT DESCRIBED. WHERE, AS THEY ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE US TODAY, MARCO POLO HAS ALREADY TRAVELLED.

But basically, as we will now show, the original text of Marco Polo, which was actually created in the XIV-XVI centuries, described the Great = “Mongol” Empire, that is, MEDIEVAL RUSSIA.

But then, when the Portuguese and Western Europeans of the XVII-XVIII centuries in general — with the book of Marco Polo in their hands as a “guide” – finally, independently (no longer on the Horde-Ataman fleet) circled Africa and fell into Southeast Asia the country they found — modern India — was confused with Marco Polo’s “INDIA”, WHICH THEY LOOKED FOR. The fact is that mariners have already forgotten the true history of the XIV-XVI centuries and were taught Scaligerian geography of the XVII-XVIII centuries, in which the old Horde name India was kept only within the territory of modern India. And it was completely wiped out from practically the rest of the territory of Russia-Horde, called India in the era of the XIV-XVI centuries.

Upon returning to Western Europe, all the exoticism that struck them – elephants, monkeys, cannibals, etc. – was NATURALLY INCLUDED in all later edited editions of the book by Marco Polo. Publishers could not conceal from the reader NEW Fascinating information about “the very” famous India. Apparently, in that era to supplement the old book with new information, while maintaining the name of the previous author, was commonplace.

As a result, the contents of Marco Polo’s book that has come down to us is the MIXTURE of OLD = MARCH-POLONIAN CON -SCEES. (???? – stupid googleate. G.B.)

So, next on ONE PAGE were the Moscow Russian “Tatar-Mongols” in archery caftans and tropical naked cannibals. The publisher of the XVII-XVIII centuries simply did not see any contradiction here. And today, it confuses sincere commentators who DO NOT UNDERSTAND – as on ONE PAGE of the book of the Polo, explicit images of Russian archers and descriptions of horrible crocodiles and herds of elephants can get along.

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