Mark from Poland?

From NC – The Colour of the Kingdom

(Guess what I’m readingI G.B.)



So, by the XVI century, when FIRST TIME became interested in his biography, no real traces of Marco Polo in Venice could be found.

At the same time, it is impossible not to draw attention to the following oddity. The first printed edition of the book by Marco Polo appeared ostensibly in 1477 in GERMANY IN GERMAN [1264], v.2, p.554. And for some reason, not in Italy, in Italian.

The first page of the first edition contains an image of Marco Polo with an inscription, in which the traveler is named like this: “Das ist der edel Ritter. Marcho polo von Venedig …” See fig . 2.1 . That is: “This is a noble knight. Mark Pole von Venedig.” They will immediately ask us: why did you translate the word “polo” as “Polish”? And how to translate this word? – in turn, we ask. It is written WITH A SMALL LETTER, while all the proper names in the inscription: Mark, Venedig, etc. written WITH LARGE LETTERS . That is why a natural thought comes to mind that POLO means here simply a POLE.

They will object to us – but after all, Italian Venice is named here, von Venedig? But in fact it is unclear. Perhaps, indeed, Italian Venice, but, perhaps, FAMOUS VENICE, that is, WESTERN EUROPEAN SLAVIC REGION [797], p.207 Nowadays, Western Slavs are, in particular, POLES. So it turns out that the first German edition, apparently, considers Mark to be not at all Italian, but POLE FROM VENEDY. That is why he calls him Mark Pole.

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