Forth Rail Bridge

OK. Showing my age now :o(

Watching the old B&W Sherlock Holmes films brought up a childhood memory!

My Dad was born in the Royal Kingdom of Fife. As a kid I travelled over the Forth Rail Bridge many times. In trains that had the enclosed compartments as shown in ye olde filums.



Whenever the train went over the bridge, the tradition was to throw a penny out of the window into the Forth.

Throwing Pennies


One time I did it and a HUGE soldier in uniform gave me his hackle.

When my parents died, I inherited a small cardboard box of photos. It still contains the Red Hackle given to me that day.





Many Regiments have their own prayer, called a Collect.  The Collect of The Black Watch is said during services involving the Black Watch Regimental family.

The Regimental Collect

O God, whose strength setteth fast the mountains,
Lord of the hills to whom we lift our eyes:
grant us grace that we, of The Black Watch,
once chosen to watch the mountains of an earthly
kingdom, may stand fast in the faith and be strong,
until we come to the heavenly Kingdom of Him,
who has bidden us watch and pray.
Thy Son, our Saviour and Lord.

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