La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc

La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc is a silent film from 1928.

I have spent many years inside the Jehanne d’Arc story, trying to figure out wtf was wrong with the whole thing.

I think I’ve finally got some clarity.

Watch any film about Jehanne. Read any book – fiction/non-fiction.

Sorry to spoil the story but…..she is executed. Burned at the stake for heresy.

Her crime?

If you read the so-called Trials – it’s a long read, much discussed by academia. Blah, blah, everyone has an opinion.

To me the message is soooooo bloody simple.

Jehanne denied the Church Militant.

She only EVER recognised the Church Triumphant.

It is there. Written in all the zillions of words about her.

“She” refused to recognise the Pope and his minions. Church Miltant.

“She” only recognised God and the Divine. Church Triumphant.

They KILLED her.


How all-powerfully does THAT message resonate???

Think about it!

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