Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon has been bugging me for quite a while now.

I have this sense that his official history is All Wrong but can’t work out why.

Two questions –

  • Was Napoleon a little, angry megalomaniac bent on causing havoc wherever he went?


  • Was Napoleon pissed off because he hated how the new world order, the one being controlled by The Vatican and the Society of Jesus, were intent on removing all trace of a once Great Empire?


What was he doing in Egypt in 1798? Killing the Mamelukes or RECRUITING them?

Why did that hero-to-end-all-heroes Horatio Nelson fight the Battle of the Nile?

What was the the Treaty of Amiens between Britain and France in March 1802 really all about?

Why did he order the arrest and imprisonment of Pope Pius VII in 1809?

Why were the Mamelukes slaughtered in 1811?

Why is the beginning of the 19th century so cloudy?


I’ve an idea how to answer some of those questions. As for the others…..not a clue :o)

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