Legendary Damascene Steel

Original Damascus Steel is beautiful and coveted, supposedly ancient and legendary and now a lost knowledge.

It’s manufacture is strongly linked with Syria (it’s in the name!) but did you know that the Cossacks were famous for their Damascus Steel swords, sabres, shields and chain-mail armour?

The Cossacks had a fearsome reputation. Their weapons could cut through normal steel swords, armour, shields. It gave them a mighty advantage. But how? Why? What?

Well. It has been postulated (I like that word) that the original material used in the making of Damascene steel came from a meteor that fell on Yaroslavl, in the centre of the Vladimir and Suzdal area of Russia in 1421.

The debris from this meteor was used in the manufacture of 15th century Damascus Steel and when the raw material ran out, the secret was lost or covered up or whatever.

So. Did the Tartar/Cossack Armies of the Great Empire fight with these weapons? And was that a huge factor in their successful expansion?


It makes sense to me. Remember all those old legends about swords. The hero always gave his weapon a name and cherished it more than anything.

You cannot have a King Arthur without his Excalibur. It wouldn’t be right.

Just saying :o)



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